Family situations are increasingly complicated as families blend, grow or change. Family law involves any area of law that deals with the family or domestic relationships.

Family court and family law is different in each state. The experienced attorneys at Thurman & Flanagin guide clients through the details of family law as they pertain in Arkansas. The attorneys also work with law firms in other states when there is a family situation that crosses state lines.

The experienced lawyers at Thurman & Flanagin can help clients dealing with any family-related legal situation including:

  • Adoption- we represent adoptive parent and private adoptions
  • Divorce-we represent either party in a divorce proceedings or other domestic partnership dissolution
  • Child custody-we represent either parent in custody battles to find the best solution for the child
  • Parental rights-we represent either parent to help the client gain the parental rights he or she needs and deserves
  • Paternity-we represent clients who either want to prove paternity or who they believe they have been falsely accused of paternity
  • Child support-we represent clients who either need to collect child support from the other parent or the parent who owes child support
  • Alimony-we represent clients seeking alimony support in a divorce settlement either during the actual divorce or if there is a change in family circumstances at a later time